Shenzhen Newin Technology Co,.Ltd. focuses on the 'Internet plus logistics' solution design and related application products development and is committed to the Internet technology, mobile Internet technology, cloud computing, big data and other cuitting-edge IT technologynt and the traditional logistics industry to integrate efficiently, its products and services including carrying network platform, O2O overall solution for international logistics enterprises, supply chain financial solutions for international logistics enterprises

Calista Freight eXchange

Providing efficient and convenient high-quality logistics resources online display and sharing , as well as business matching to international logistics enterprises, including all types of agent freight price resources (sea handling, shipping leaching, air transport, e-commerce logistics, railway FCL/LCL, etc.), high-quality logistics services resources (customs declaration, warehousing, trailers, bulk cargo transportation, etc.), logistics equipment facilities resources, logistics software resources logistics legal resources, etc.

International logistics enterprise O2O integrated solution.

Providing a set of cloud-based 'Internet plus logistics' solutions to international logistics enterprises which includes freight forwarding cloud management system (operating system), freight forwarding portal, client system, etc., in order to achieve freight forwarding business from the inquiry, quotation, booking, lofting, operation, documents, bills, settlement of the entire process online and make order operation, cargo tracking full Visualized.

International logistics enterprise supply chain financial solution.

Providing a set of cloud-based 'Internet plus financial' solutions to international logistics enterprises, by combing the information, logistics and capital flow of logistics business to provide low-interest, unsecured, no limit, pure credit supply chain financial services to international freight forwarding enterprises.